so im in the middle of a build and next woodwork class im going to be starting my carve, and im anxious about using a router to step the wood because i dont want it toppling over, especially out on the horn.

i was wondering if anyone knows how good/bad an idea using a drill press as a router would be? id find as wide a bit as possible, although in my class thats probably no more than 3/4 inch, and would be a lot more at ease about the stability and accuracy of the whole thing

any ideas/advice/techniques welcome, thanks
A drill press doesn't have enough power to be an effective router.

I recommend routing the outer "rings" first, so then you have a larger flat surface to rest the router base on. If you're not confident, you could build a jig to keep the router level while you move the guitar body under it.

EDIT: Something like this
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Drill press' have a much lower RPM compared to routers, so it'd be slow, dirty, and loud. A router is really easy to keep steady, and would be easier. If not, see if your teacher will do it.
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thanks guys, ya i was thinking outer rings first. atfirst i figured i take as little wood off at first and do the uppermost ring first but then realized all the flaws with that haha. i also like that jig idea. i had thought about building one where the router moves but couldnt figure out how, moving the actual guitar makes alot more sense. i guess drill press is out of the ?, thanks so much