Hey guys I would just like to ask you a question.

My rank : 1,621 (out of 106,850)
My score : 80
Contributions total : 22

This are my stats. However I don't really understand how they work. How much point do i get per lesson, how much per tab, how much for a rating of my tab/lesson? Or review? If anyone knows, please answer me

The 'My Score' bit is probably your 'UG score' which is explained a bit here.

Your rank is probably based on your UG score and your contributions total is probably exactly what it sounds like.

Reviews are rarely scored because they're rarely rated, unfortunately. Tabs too.

My rank : 15 (out of 106,850)
My score : 2,157
Contributions total : 183
Friends total : 54
Forum posts total : 1,933 (1.2 posts per day)
My score: 0

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Sadly this is Ultimate-guitar, not Simple-guitar. We can't help you.

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my posts say 17, which is bullshit

Pit posts don't count, since post count is used as a measure of knowledge in areas where you actually should know something.

In the Pit you don't need to know anything.