I recorded this on a cheap condenser through Audacity Beta 1.4. It's scrappy, that's for sure. Unfinished, but the foundation for the song is there.

I'm also looking for some lyrical critique (I have a similar thread on the SW/L forums) so that'd be nice too.

Also, I believe this is my first posting in this section of the forums.

Since you've gone now
now you got rid of me
you dyed your hair brown
does blond remind you of me?
In my heart I got a tatoo
in the place you left it in
I'd love to kiss you now
and put out a cig on your lips

Round December time room begins to spin
I put a burn in my throat because you're a sycophant
find tools to treat you
or f*ck you or whatever else

Since you've gone now
you got no one else - pain
you can't drive
but you'll get on alone
Septemeber time you think your
getting older
you can't seem to get it in your head
that you got colder
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