Strange problem here.

I have a http://www.voxamps.com/heritagecollection/ac15h1tv/

It has been running fine but is developing a problem on one of the pre channels.

The TOP BOOST (Channel 2) section works sweet when it is first running, but after a while it gradually loses all the bass, and the bass controls no longer work - or make no difference.

This does not affect CHANNEL 1, it still runs sweetly, so it can't be output. It must be within the TOP BOOT preamp section. Any thoughts?

Rectifier? Tubes? Fried capacitors? It looks fine with the back off.

I am stumped


Hey Tom! Welcome man. Head over to GGA and those guys will help you for sure!

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In case you don't know what GGA is, it means the Guitar Gear & Accesories forum which you can find here.

I hope your problem gets fixed soon, and welcome to UG!