Posted this on tgp, but thought you guys would appreciate it as well.

It's summer and I decided to finally do something with this old short scale Kay bass that I've had sitting around since I bought it at a garage sale for five bucks in high school. The neck is pretty useless, the nut came unglued (it was plastic anyways) and the slab rosewood fretboard is peeling off starting at the zero fret. So the bass has never really been used as such by myself. Lately I've had a desire for an offset body guitar like a Jaguar, this bass isn't being used, I think I can manage to turn this into a pretty cool little guitar.

Here it is disassembled. As you can see, it's got a pretty large rout there, and the pickguard doesn't have any holes cut in it besides the pots and four small holes for the pickup screws. The pickup itself actually sits on the outside. The width of the holes match a single coil's height adjustment screws pretty perfectly.

Luckily the neck pocket looks to be 2 3/16", so a warmoth 22 fret Jaguar boat neck will go in there. My main concern here is the bridge. There's no rout for springs or anything so I'll have to go with a fixed bridge. At this point I'm planning on putting a Bigsby B5 to a Mustang bridge.

There you have it. Any ideas/suggestions/concerns? Any bridge ideas are very welcome, as well as any information regarding scale length.
You'll definitely have to fill some of those bridge holes. Other than that your idea doesn't seem to unreasonable. My only concern would be that serious bevel where the original bridge was.
The guitar has a neck! It's a fender 70's reissue from 2002. Looks great, feels great, vintage frets might be a little small though. There is a slight issue with the neck fitting into the neck slot too, it's snug, but the bottom of the neck is curved and the pocket is completely square. The holes for the neck plate don't line up either. I figured a little elbow grease with a dremel will contour the neck pocket appropriately, and hopefully the neck won't mind a few extra holes for my screws.

a better look at the grain on the fretboard

Bridge hopefully coming next week, then getting it drilled for the holes/adjustments it needs. Haven't spent much money yet but I've almost got a complete guitar, it's quite exciting.