It was afternoon and I awoke from a daze.
Birds swam above,
And there were children counting out the waves.
I heard them scrape across the sand,
They were lost within our land.

Fleshy ghosts cast astray
They are trapped within this place.
They can never get away,
They are destined here to stay,
I try to look away.

It was clear as those summer days,
When the children counted out the waves.
I saw the ghosts of yesterday,
Amidst the morning haze.

He was looking right through my skin,
Into my unrepentant sin.
Then darkness took hold again,
The deep black that surged within.
I was falling back again,
Into that old familiar hymn.

I was a ghost along the way,
Where thousands were lost the same,
Trapped within space,
Lost without a trace,
I hurried to get away,
I longed to run away.
I wanted to run away,
I wanted to run away.

The ghosts that linger on,
As filaments in the dawn,
Their shadows growing long,
Singing the same familiar song,
On the balance of right and wrong,
Seeking comfort in the known,

Never venture into the dark,
Never dare enough to start,
Never venture into the dawn,
Never dare to travel on.