So after years of thinking i could never play guitar i finally gave it a shot and lost all motivation at the A major... right now it seems as if my fingers are just physically to big for this to work... any opinions or is it time to accept ill never play this instrument...?
my dad is a beast and his finguhs r very big but he still has funs learnin. the a chord is pretty hard to d with three fingers if i were u i would use jjust ur index on all three strings. hav fun tho u just only began the jurney and nobodys perfect
You may find it easier to play an A using your middle, ring and pinky fingers rather than trying to cram in the index, middle and ring.

Frees up the index figer so you can easily switch from A to E as well.
Everyone finds it hard to play guitar at first. I didnt even bother learning about chords untill about 3 years after start playing! (not that Id advise it).

Play simple things first, the way I learnt was to play along with the melodies of my favourite song, using only one string at a time, then build up to powerchords / octaves and so on.

Takes a while to get there, but practice and be patient
Been away, am back
Guitar is a hard thing to learn, sometimes things will seem impossible, but you just got to keep at it, just make sure you're practising right.

I wolud advise to keep trying, it's probably just lack of practice, but if you do have hands that are larger than average you can try different fingerigs:

2nd finger d string 2nd fret
1st finger g string 2nd fret
3 finger b string 2nd fret

Or you can make a barre with your first finger on the d,g and b and muting the high e... This will probably be harder so I would advise to get one of those basic fingerings down and then try the barre and see if it feels more natural

Keep at it don't give up. It comes with practise