Well as the title indicates I am focusing on putting a killswitch in (what I believe to be) a Jackson RR3. For the Killswitch I have one of these
So which of the below (link) diagrams should I follow, the N.O or the N.C.? I know the switch is N.O. But I'm not sure I follow what he's referring to. If it is normally open, doesn't that mean no signal is running through it in its resting position? Please help an electronics newb out.
Diagrams link: http://alexplorer.net/guitar/mods/killswitch.html
So do you already have the N.O. switch? Just follow the N.O. schematic

When you push the switch, it becomes closed. This creates a short circuit across the two connectors on the jack. The current takes the path of least resistance. The short circuit has less resistance than your guitar cable and amplifier, so there is no signal to your amplifier when the switch is pressed.
not to be a dick, but...
N.O. contacts = Normally Open contacts = The circuit is open (i.e., "Off") when the button isn't touched. When you touch it, you make a connection between the two contacts.

N.C. contacts = Normally Closed contacts = The circuit is closed (i.e., "On") when the button isn't touched. When you touch it, you break the signal.

if you have an N.O. switch, follow the N.O directions. else, follow the N.C
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Well I knew that an open circuit meant that no signal ran through it. But what I didn't realize was that "closing" the circuit meant shorting it out. The only "open" circuit was the regular path for the signal. It came from a makeshift website so I was a little cautious.