Hi guys,

This is a solo project I've been working on for a while now. I guess the best way to describe it is instrumental post-metal/rock with doom influences. I just finished work on an album of sorts, it's not studio quality but I'm rather pleased with the result. So far I've had good feedback on it.

Everything in the songs is done by me, with the exception of a guest solo by signedinbloodnz, a fellow UG'er and friend of mine.

You can listen to the album here, and download if you like it.


Feb 2012 update: Second album, titled "Servitude to Earth", has been released. You can listen and download here.

Also if you like it, feel free to like Landforge on Facebook and follow me on Twitter.
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****ing awesome.
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Awesome work dude!
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Rather timely bump here, just to give a brief update on progress and stuff. I have roughly 4 songs written and half recorded, estimated time for next release is Jan/Feb next year.

You can have a listen to a brief (unmixed) clip here: http://www.box.com/s/krsasdf60kdlt48o5xrj

Also check out my new post-somethingy project called Eastwatch, which will also be releasing an album early next year.

Cheers guys.
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Gonna bump this thread because I just made a youtube channel and stuff, and uploaed a proper preview of one of the songs off the next album. Watch it here. Thanks guys.
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Forsooth! For this knight be'ith humbled and amazed at thine expressiveness and articulation in these odes, with feature nary a single whisper of vocals.
Well done, good sir.

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I just downloaded both albums. If I had a way to pay online, I would certainly give you at least a couple bucks for them. Alas, I haven't a Paypal account or anything. But they're great studying/sleeping albums.