I am saving up for a new amp but I have a couple question's.

1. What's the difference between the 6505 112 combo amp and the 6505+ head and cab beside's the quanity of speaker's?

2. I'll be playing alot of metalcore type genre but, I also want a good 80's type sound as well as there are some 80'slove or power ballad song's I like. So for this should I get the Peavey VK112 or the 6505 112 combo amp?
There is the general consensus that the 6505 is better for metal (than the valve king). I've played them and think they sound great.

Youtube will be your best bet for for the difference in sound.

Not to say the valve king sucks, but the 112 valveking had gotten some poor reviews, while the 212 is supposedly much better quality.

In my opinion, for you want, the 6505. If you are still unsure go to guitar center, or any shop that has both amps and try them out.
Well I looked both up on youtube already, an I thought they both sounded really good. I been wanting the 6505+ head an cab but cannot afford it. I'll look at the JSX on youtube.
i think the 6505+ is a little higher gain? not a hundred percent sure. check out some of the blackstar higher end stuff. idk wat ur price range is but i'm willing to bet u can find something for a decent price that will blow u away. some of the blackstar heads are crazy high gain with amazing tone. i was at a local concert a while ago and it was amazing. i believe he had the series one 100w head. and damn, that thing sounded amazing and would definatley suit ur style pretty well i think
whats your budget/ location
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The 6505+ is higher gain than the valveking, but thats a different amp? the 6505+ 112 that the question is about is very similar to the 6505+ head but for a few details. The combo is 60w as opposed to the heads 120w, but depending on your venues etc, 60w is easily sufficient for practice and gigs. the combo also has a built in reverb that the head doesnt and also has a direct output on the back, so you can plug it directly into a mixing desk without the need to mic it up.
All very positive things, in my opinion. There has been mention of quality of components etc in the combo as it's built in a different country to the head but through my research and playing through one, it's an exceptional amp for the price and very comparable to the head.
only through playing both combo's would you be able to tell if their suitable for you and i can't comment on the valveking, but the 6505+ combo has immense distortion, but also a very useable clean channel which is footswitchable to a crunch, kinda middle distortion channel so it's quite versatile and i'm pretty sure you'd get the tone your after!

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the 112 is made in china

the other 6505s are made in the USA. Presumably to higher quality, but I have no idea for sure.
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Alright thank's guy's. My budget would be about 650 to 700, for those who asked.