So I'm trying to plan a build for a floyd equipped 25.5" scale guitar.
Here is my issue:

The red is from the nut to the 24th fret, with an extra little bit of space.
The black is 25.5"

Now my question is, where does the measurement stop for both the nut and the bridge?
Do I start at the start of the nut to the start of the routing for the floyd?
Or the end of the nut to the end of the routing?
I hope this makes sense...

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You could measure from the nut to a saddle, but that's inaccurate. Measure from the bottom of the nut to the center of the 12th fret, then double that.
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Don't forget about "compensation". It's that little extra string length required over scale length needed for intonation of the larger strings. Good luck.
Put your scale length and frets into this calculator, it gives you all you need to know,


Distance from the fretboard edge of the nut to center of forward-most mounting screw or pivot post.
and that distance for a Floyd Rose original is 25"

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I just built a guitar with a Floyd.... Measure from the fretboard part of the nut to the fretboard side of the saddle, 25.5". Your saddles have a lot of adjustment for intonation so put one all the way forward, and one all the way back and measure to the middle.