hey guys. A shop in my town has a MIA Peavey Predator strat. It comes with single coils but is apparently routed so humbuckers will fit. So what pickups should i put in? I want versatility, so im thinking maybe stacked humbuckers? Im not sure. Most my tones will be along the lines of Chevelle and Breaking Benjamin. I play in drop C# almost exclusively. I play an even mix of distorted and clean. It needs to be able to handle some heavier music like Black Veil Brides and Escape The Fate as well, but these arent my main focus. would hope to keep it under 200 USD, more than willing to try brands like GFS. Any suggestions to look into? Can be humbuckers or single coils. Thanks in advance!
How about an HSS configuration?
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thats what i was considering...but i still really like a humbucker tone in the neck. So i was thinking maybe the stacked single coils? Say, lil' 59 in the neck, lil' JB in the bridge and idk in the middle.
get 2 pickups like the one in the bridge of this


i kinda want to do this haha
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prolly an hsh would do u well. i am personally a huge fan of dimarzio and i think an x2n in the bridge and a d-activator in the neck would suit well. then any of the "area" pickups in the middle position would be really good for u
hmm i think the X2N might be a little too high output for me. Metal isnt really my main focus. Also, as i said i use a lot of clean sounds with the bridge pickup and ive heard it will distort clean tones
^ i really didnt have an issue with it with cleans. and i personally found it to be more suited for a punk tone than metal. personal opinion. for more cleans maybe just use a steve vai set. he uses evolution in the neck and bridge but idk wat he has in the middle posiitoin