Well nearly, here's what I have so far

I originally bought the 7421 for 195, it was scratched as ****, not to mention plastered in ****ing stickers

Here's what it looked like originally.

and then..


Well no..

We want something more like this right?


I must say...
From a thread asking if it is safe to tell someone the serial number on your amp:
Quote by JAHellraiser
omg dont do it! he can hack your amp get the b00tiful t00b t0anz
What do you mean? The faux binding went on after the paint, then I just cleared over it
Hey look, Blackgaurd. They're pretty good. Saw them with Symphony X and Powerglove.

Finish looks sick, I'm loving the binding.
AdioRider, its pinstripe tape! :lol:

Levi, yea they're sick! I still cant believe I picked it up for 195.
Yup, you can sort of tell if you're close up, but at anything further away there's no way you'd be able to tell
yeah i could see one or two slightly sharper bends, thats why i thought it was taped off. same concept though. but i cant imagine getting it better without a lot of work, and who cares if you cant tell from arms distance!
good work, im doing a similar stripe in black on mine soon, and ive been debating how to do it is why i asked
Here's an invaluable tip I only learned of after the fact; if you heat the tape up a bit itll become far easier to work with.
good call. a lot of things like that, wood included. i think im going to just use something similar to tape off and paint the binding black because the sides are actually black too. so itll all be together.. idk ill have to think about it, because that wouldnt really be faux binding either