Poll: do you get drunk and troll friends?
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22 37%
20 33%
hairy man nipples
18 30%
Voters: 60.
I sometimes troll peeps I don't like, or Christians now that it's getting close to the endtimes.
I don't get drunk by myself and rush to the internet to **** with people.... I tend to drink with friends and hang out with them.......
I don't troll friends unless I'm really mad at them, just people I don't really know who I don't want to know better.
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do you ever get drunk and troll your friends online?

omfg right now I doe, I am poreettny drunk atm
I did once inadvertently.

A friend had told one of our mutual friends that we were going out, she then told me to go along with it. Because i was drunk i did. A few people found out and believed it, going as far to say they saw it coming.

I can't remember the rest because i went to bed, but I did wake up with loads of angry texts so I assume they all found out the truth.
I troll people on Facebook just for the hell of it because most of the people I know are idiots. It's fun and they get super pissed.
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