I ordered a few things last month. They all came in but one back ordered item. That finally came about a week later, and then I was also waiting for something else that I'd ordered before anything.

We'll start off with what I had to wait the longest for...

Whitebox Modern 2x12 loaded with V30's.

Everyone says V30's are icepicky and bright. To me, especially compared to my old Crate cab, this cab seems very dark. I'm not sure why, but I'm lacking a bit of brightness. It may be because I'm mismatching impedance, I messed up and ordered a 16 ohm cab when my Mark IV only has 8ohm and 4 ohm outputs. (Don't worry, this is completely safe, it's the other way around which is harmful, and I'm going to wire it for 4ohms soon). It may also be that my tubes are worn or a different kind than I need. I have no idea. My Crate cab may have been just extremely fizzy and I was used to it. I'm just speculating. I doubt it has anything to do with the cab or the speakers as they're just standard V30s in a normal cab enclosure.

Anyway, apart from all that, this cab sounds MASSIVE. So good. Finally getting to play my Mark IV through a set of V30's is just wonderful and I've fell in love with it all over again. I applaud the guys at Whitebox for making such a quality cab for the price. It was $450 shipped and it was money well spent.

Now on to the Line 6 content.

What is this dusty thing?
(like for real. I didn't realize how much dust was on it until I took this picture)

It's a Pod HD500.

I only paid $400 though (instead of $500) as it was a b-stock item. This is the backordered item that I had to wait on.

It has some decent amp models, and you can even run them through your amps power amp, and it's awesome. Actually I should have made a clip demonstrating that....

The effect are great, which is what I bought it for. I'm using the 4 cable method, which utilizes the pedals own FX loop to route some effect to the front of my amp, and some to the FXloop. Although right now my Mark IV's effects loop is having a bit of a problem, I need to take it to a tech soon. (Switching on the FXloop causes some tone loss and a rolloff of some high end, and it's not the Pod as I've tested it with another pedal)

Speaking of the pedal I tested my FXloop with........

Ewwwww gross Behringer! How could I?

Here's another (less photogenic) pic

I will agree... Behringer's quality is fairly bad. The rubber part you step on came off very quick. All I have to do is glue it back on, but a knob will probably fall of before I get the chance.

ANYWAY. It's actually a good pedal and worth the $50 price tag (especially compared to the price of the Boss shifter and the Morpheus Droptune). You can set the "trem bar" mode an octave up, set the speed of how quickly it changes, and you get a perfect replica of a whammy pedal. Only downside is you have a set speed, as opposed to changing the pitch with an expression pedal. (But I have my HD500 to do that anyway!)

The main reason I even got it is for it's "Pitch Shifter" mode, as in, changing the tuning of my guitar. And I have a clip! (also featuring my new cab!)

(This was really low volume so the tone isn't as good as it can be)

First clip is normal. I'm in D standard
Second clip, I drop the pitch a whole step down to C standard (the songs original tuning)

It has few more modes, such as a intelligent harmonizer, which I find is a bit useless (also the HD500 has this effect, just as useless).

And by useless, I mean it works great, but it sounds bad both in front of the amp and in the effects loop. In front the notes are smooshed together and clash, since they hit the preamp together. Good thing about in the front though is that the preamp colors the sound before it hits the power amp. In the loop, the notes are separated, but the harmony sounds thin and you can tell it's being pitch shifted since it has no preamp to color it.
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Now on to the accessories.

Wait. How do you run a multifx pedal into your amp? Don't you need something to connect them? Or do they run BLUETOOTH? Does it just magically work?

I wish!

But obviously I had to buy some cables.

I got me some Planet Waves Custom Series cables. Two 10' and two 20'. Yes I know, that's 60 feet of cable. I'm sad about that, but it's okay. I don't hear much tone loss, and I'm actually only using 50' right now. I'm using a another 10' cable I had and one of the 20' is still coiled up. Always good to have an extra cable.

Now I don't know anything about cables, except that Monster apparently sucks, Mogami is awesome, and George L's are apparently amazing. I didn't have too much money to spend to I went the middle ground. They seem really great to me.

MOAR planet waves content

I got 2 of these bad boys on a whim, for only $11 each. I was going to get Dimarzio ClipLocks or whatever, but the plain black wasn't in stock. (And I couldn't just order them somewhere else because I was using SameDayMusics SpeedPlay plan where you pay half of your order, and half in two months, PLUS they had a B-stock HD500)

But I'm glad I got these instead of the Dimarzios. They're wonderful, and it requires no routing or extra screws or anything. Just put in on, slide it to the smaller hole, twist the... twisty thing... And then it has a release button that locks it so it wont come undone.

That's pretty much it.

Here are some family shots:

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Was there a question buried within all that bullshit?
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Nice gear
i likes.
Whitebox cabs look pretty hot pity they really arent worth the time over here ha
Quote by handlerb
Was there a question buried within all that bullshit?

No. Did you not read the thread title?
Unless you've never seen a NGD or NAD. But that's hard to believe considering there's a sticky telling what they are and there are even some on the first page.
Quote by coolstoryangus

Nice gear
i likes.
Whitebox cabs look pretty hot pity they really arent worth the time over here ha

Hefty shipping price I assume?

And thanks.
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Quote by GS LEAD 5
Btw doesnt the HD have a pitch shifter of its own?
My RP does and its an older/lower tier unit as compared to the 500.......

It does. It's great for whammy stuff or for an octaver, but for just changing the tuning the Behringer pedal sounds better. The Pod kind of flubs a bit.... I think. I need to try it again.

All I remember is I tried the pedal and was like "oh nice", then I tried the Pod shifter and was like "ehh"
Nice stuff man. That cab is sweet. Plus I really dig those straps with the straplocks. Work perfectly.
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Love the tone mate! Beautiful gear you have there.

Liking the drop tuned tone. Unbelievable for a behringer pedal. XD Seems it doesn't color it too much as opposed of my G2.1Nu. Guess single pedals are better into drop tuning eh?

Also. That Saber is BEAUTIFUL. @.@