hi guys,i got a cheap acoustic off ebay,guitar is ok except it has bad buzzing on 5 fret on 5th and 4ths strings,im guessing a good set of strings will probably fix problem but just would like some quick tips otherwise ill send back for replacement

thx in advance
If it's just 1 fret then there is a good chance that fret has started to lift up. A couple light taps with a wood or rubber mallet is usually enough to fix the problem. Don't use a steel hammer because that can damage the fret. Tapping the fret too had can damage it too so remember to use a light touch.

Other potential causes of 5th fret buzz can be that your truss rod is too tight or that your lower frets have been worn and you need a fret dressing. These usually effect more than one fret so although possible causes, they are not really likely.
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