I've owned a bunch of pedals but I've never owned a wah before.... borrowed my friend's modified cry baby for my last band.... tweaked it some more myself, but never really used it all that much.

The chi wah wah came highly recommended, and now I find myself creating a playlist of all the songs on my computer which have wah parts, LOL.

This little bugger is amazing.... super customizable, and can do everything from total quack to a deep throaty snarl. It's also the first time I've ran it before my overdrive.... as the controls seem to be much more responsive.

The "instant ON" feature of just stepping on the rocker is liberating... much faster than clicking those stupid toe down switches. It makes it very easy to add some quack to a short passage or riff when needed. I've dialed in a great Cantrell-inspired setting with a throaty darkness.
Ooooh, I want one of these for a mini board. They look awesome

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The PBT is for those too TGP for the rest of UG.

You might wanna put your polytune before your wah, but do whatever you like best.

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