so i am new to the music scene. been playing guitar for a little while and i need some guitar 101. i'm a rookie so i need any and all info you know. can you tell me what you know about what the kind of body, fret board (size), pick up, controls, ect... do for a guitar???
kind of body as in wood make a tone for a certain guitar. mahogany usually is darker sounding than ash or maple.
shape of a body changes the vibration of the strings through the body and thuss would have a effect on sound in theory. i doubt if the difference is that noticable in real time.

fretboard size kind of makes string tension higher. in my opnion a baritone(extremly long) is hard to bend strings on.
pickups are wound certain times with copper wire to give a certain frequency of bass middle and treble frequencies different pickups have different frequencies. some pickups also give more output level than other which makes it kind of harder to get a sparkly clean sound out of it. as for controls. toggle switch selects a pickup volume knob control the volume the pickup is giving and tone adds treble(10) or removes(0) it atleast it sounds like that in my ears.

no professional whatsoever just what i kind of figured out by playing etc.
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The fretboard (size) you refer to is called scale length, to avoid further confusion.

I suppose I should point you towards the infinite wisdom of UG. All and anything you would want to know probably is in the forums of this ridonkulous place. So good reading to ya