So, I read something just a bit ago about making sure to put the right gauge of strings on a guitar or you'll warp the neck due to tension from strings not "fitting" so, how do I find out what gauge is right for my guitar?

EDIT: My step-dad gave me the guitar in question, and its a highly unusual guitar... to say the least. He said he made it himself, but its been like 30 years since he played and he has no idea about it anymore.
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It's an acoustic guitar?
classical guitar + steelstrings may be bad.

but everything else...don't worry.
Its an electric
"A guitar is your personality expressed through six strings"

"I'm cuddly bitch, deal with it"
the neck can be adjusted, there's no such thing as wrong gauge for the guitar, just for the current set-up.
theres no such thing as the wrong gauge. u can go has heavy or light as u want. once u put the stings on, take a ruler to the fretboard (i think somehwere around the 9th fret) and see if its straight. if not, just take it to a music shop and tell them u need a truss rod adjustment. its as easy as that
You should probably start with 9's. If it stands up ok, go to 10's next time if you want.

There is an assumption that you have a truss rod, but I have not seen it stated here that you do. Even if you do, we don;t know what kind or state it is in. I would suggest start light and move up if you prefer higher for your next string change.

[Edit] 9's may even be too light dependiing on the neck. Could take a couple tries TR or no TR. Give it some TLC, you may have something really awesome there.
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very true. make sure he actually built a quality guitar.

assuming the guitar is of normal standards and solid built with all proper parts, it shoud be able to handle just about any strings. it shouldnt be an issue, since most people dont really play 12s or 13s anyways.

8,9,10,11? go for it. just make sure you adjust it properly for truss and bridge.

ALSO if it has 9s and you want 11s, you might need to maket he nut slots bigger. this goes for any guitar.