This might be a stupid question, but I'm self-teaching and can't find it anywhere.
When you're on a site like this and you find the chords to a song, and it just says the name of a chord above the words... Do you just play that chord one time, or do you strum repeatedly in time with that chord until it comes to the next one?

Thanks! Hope that was clear enough!
You can strum the chord once, or if you want to you can arpeggiate it. It all depends on the strumming pattern of a song.
Ok, thank you.. I know it's all kind of up to your own interpretation, but I wasn't sure what is typically done. Thanks!
those chords are usually just a place marker to what and where the switch/ change happens. strumming pattern is usually not shown and up to you to decide. If your self taught i would suggest trying to find a chord version and a tab version of whatever song you are learning. Somethimes a chord will say "C" but refer to a power chord or barre chord or something like that which u will see in a tab. In addition to this, the tab will usually give you more indication of strumming pattern

i find when working from a chord sheet like that it helps to go through the song once (while listening to it obviously) and get your chord changes down and that should help you with determining your strum pattern.