Hey guys,

I just picked up the Jackson SLAT3-7 Prototype (the very same that Chris Cannella is playing in the Music Farm video that comes up when you search for it in YouTube ...gotta love Craigslist) and I have a bit of a dilemma. I'm a passive pickup kind of guy, and I love Bare Knuckles and Dimarzios especially. However, I don't want to screw around with this guitar too much, so as to depreciate its value. This guitar is stock with EMG 81-7 in the bridge and 707 in the neck. I'm a little bummed about them. The 707 sounds too loose and undefined in the neck and the 81-7 is the exact opposite (WAY too crisp and brittle, like an ice-pick to the brain). I want to have more definition in the neck position (but still smooth tonally), and a more organic and open sound in the bridge (less caustic, but still crisp and clear). I know switching to passives is would do it, but like I said, that's just not an option I'm considering. I play stuff like Periphery with this guitar. I was thinking either swapping in 2 EMG 707Xs or Blackouts... or maybe just putting the stock 707 in the bridge and 81-7 in the neck? What say you, UG? Oh, here are the woods: alder body, Indian rosewood fretboard, maple neck (thru-body). I also haven't changed the strings or battery since I got the guitar (both are about a month old). I'll try it with a fresh battery in the morning, and maybe force myself to swap the strings too (Floyd-Rose pains...)