So I go out to get the mail this morning after waking up and what should I find sitting in the box?

I instantly ran upstairs to open it and see this sitting in it:

A Visual Sound V1 H2O Chorus/Echo.
This pedal is awesome. Warm, lush chorus and decent sounding delay. Sounds better than my First Act Chorus, but not by a whole lot.
I played Stairway because I felt like it. The first clip is completely finger picked. Sorry for the shit quality. I don't have a good recording set-up. I use my computer speakers to record.

First run: Just clean guitar
Second: Just Chorus
Third: Just the Echo
Fourth: Echo and Chorus

All Finger Picked except for the arpeggios

Here's a shot of my board:

Signal goes Guitar > GCB-95 crybaby (modded, vocal pot added) > BOSS SD-1 (modded) > EHX Pocket Metal Muff > Danelectro Fab Fuzz > Visual Sound V1 H2C Chorus/Echo
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congratz with the water

now im gonna listen to the clipz
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