I want to record guitar parts and be written into tablature automatically. Is there a program that enables such thing?
Not that I'm aware of, besides it wouldn't work, because there are up to 6 ways you could write the same note in tabs (different strings).
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If you invent this, you can earn boatloads of money. I'm a comp sci/music double major and I'm working on one for standard notation. It's basically impossible. However, if you get a guitar and equip it with midi equipment, you can run it into a program like finale and have it notated.
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get an audio to midi converter or a midi guitar, and then you'll be able to do so.
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And like Artemis Entreri said, invent it and you'll make loads of money.

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This would make tabbing so much easier and quicker! I wish I knew enough about electronics to event it...
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You simply need to get a midi pickup for your guitar. Not cheap, last I checked, but check this out...


By converting the guitar notes played into midi data, the computer is now recording midi - just as you would be if you used an electronic keyboard. Then you just need software that can display midi data as standard notation or tab.

or like this... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VxCPlfV1lA&feature=related

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Hate to sound annoying and patronising, but with the current lack of technology and/or large expense in investing in a midi pickup for your guitar (acoustic guitar would be 1000 times harder to do it with as well, as there are underlying harmonies all across the frequency spectrum going on when you pluck one note) - Learn to tab faster and do the tabbing with your digits!