How are push/pull guitar pots different from regular guitar pots? Would these work in my Epi Sheraton with humbuckers?

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A push pull is a switch, you'd put one a guitar to coil-split the humbuckers for example. A pot changes stuff like volume and tone on a scale
push pull pot on humbucker volume = position a : humbucker. position b : single coil. Theres other cool shit like the George lynch wiring style where the volume knob(switch) also switches between the two pickups.
Push-pull pots are basically regular pots with a DPDT switch in them. When you pull the pot shaft up, the switch engages one position... when you depress it, it engages the other. You can wire the switch to do whatever you like, assuming that DPDT can cater for it. If you want it to split your coins in a humbucker, you can do it... if you want it to perform as a killswitch, you can do that... if you want it to engage or disengage a specific pickup, you can do that..
A push-pull pot is a pot and a switch that share a shaft. the two parts function completely independently, except that pulling the shaft upward or pushing it down activates a DPDT switch.

you can use the pot by itself, the switch by itself, or both together.

Great information, people. Many thanx for those responses. Cool pot/switch.