I am looking for a new amp and i have a good $200 to spend. No more. I was going to get a vyper but now i don't know if i should get it. I could get a boss distortion pedal for $50 and a decent amp with the rest of it. Any help, and amp suggestions if i decide to get the pedal?
Just buy the Vyper.
You won't find a "decent" amp for $150 that will sound "decent" with a BOSS distortion pedal.
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What do you need the amp for? Just for at home, or playing with other people? Gigging?

If you're looking into the Vypyr, you can do very much with your budget. You might be able to afford a Vypyr 75 for $150, then get a Sanpera I for $50. If you can't find a 75 that cheap, you most definitely can find a 30, and still get the Sanpera for $50 to $60.

Personally, I don't think you can do better for $200.
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get the fender mustang at watever size u feel like. hundred bucks for the 15 or 20 watt (watever the smallest is). problem solved. u can plug it right into ur computer and use the FUSE software (which is free) and get hundreds of different tones along with backing tracks, metronomes, tuners, etc. ALL FREE. i just saved u a hundred dollars. problem solved.

i personally feel that the mustang has better tone than the vypyr. i had a vypyr 75 and sanpera one. my guitar teacher uses a g-dec 3 for lessons and i am plugged into a mustang. the tone on the mustang blows away the vypyr any day. i had to reset my vypyr a bunch of times. purchased it brand new, got rid of it 6 months later.

try out the mustang, i think you'll be happier with it. plus, its half the price of ur budget. spend the rest on somethin nice.
Hmm...the mustang is versatile and you can get some good metal tones from it. But it doesnt seem to like distortion pedals...(my mustang iii at least). Every distortion pedal sounds terrible through it.

The perfect thing is gain stacking. Boss OD + Built in OD + British 80's preset = metally goodness
How does it do scooped mids and is it loud, because although i need a practice amp, i dont have money so it might need to gig.
for gigging without it being mic'ed, u'll need atleast the mustang 3 (100w) and with the FUSE software, im willing to bet u can dial up a pretty good metal tone. i play metalcore, i had the vypyr, the gain is never enough and it sounded like SHIT at higher volumes. no modeling amp is ever going to really accept pedals becuase they are made to replace them. its a digital amp, so its never going to sound perfect. a modeling amp is made to sound SIMILAR to different amp models. its never going to be as good as the real thing. modeling amps arent great for gigging.

my guitar teacher told me something that i was quite suprised by. for alot of his gigs he doesnt even use an amp. he uses amplitube on his laptop and that goes right to the PA system and he says that it sounds amazing. he plays the house of blues all the time just like that. so maybe that might be another option for u?

if it were me, i would by the mustang before i got another vypyr. regardless of wat type of music i play. if ur really intending on gigging i'd suggest saving up for a nice tube amp or at the very least, a vypyr tube. u can get a decent tube amp for $350 and then if u play metal and can't quite get the tone, figure $100+ for a distortion pedal.

and btw, they make a g-dec 3 solely for metal, kno wat the difference is between that and the standard g-dec 3 is? paint. kno wat the difference between the mustang and the g-dec three is? more on board effects on the g-dec. once u plug it into ur computer, THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE