I usually listen to and play Metal, punk or general rock music. I'd say I'm a competent guitarist, not overly skilled but I can probably hold down a rhythm quite well.

I've never been in a proper band, just done a couple of songs in school for coursework. I've also done some recordings for my coursework this year in college, but nothing too tricky.

My influences are mainly rooted in the genres I've mentioned, some of my favourite bands I listen to range from:
The Wildhearts (a mix of metal, punk rock and pop),
Volbeat (metal/country/punk),
Behemoth (blackened death metal),
Immortal (black metal),
Slipknot (nu/alternative metal),
Metallica (thrash metal),
Ramones (punk),
Motorhead (heavy rock)
Many more, of many genres.

Travel and transport-wise, I don't have a car of my own, but have passed my test so if my parents don't mind I can probably borrow the car. Preferably I'd like to play around Horndean (where I live) to basically anywhere else around Portsmouth, but I don't mind travelling a bit further if I have to.
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