Adequate guitarist looking for band in the immediate Gravesend kent and surrounding area to audition for, can play guitar, some bass, singing to be commented on, music influences include, muse, my chemical romance, iron maiden, the cure, the smiths, lostprophets and many more, (Lots more)
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Encore EBP-E4SB
Roland Cube 15X
Encore B.B.blaster 10W
Korg Toneworks AX10G
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Behringer Ultra phase shifter FOR SALE
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Might be interested. I'm around 30-40 mins away from you by car but my previous band was in Gravesend.. didn't last long as they were all pretty immature. Need some more info before I can make any decisions though. Name, age, where we'd be rehearsing and how often etc. Get in touch.
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