Whilst scrolling through the many parts the forums of this site, i have noticed, there's no place to simply show your band and allow yourself to be advertised.

So the idea is simple. Post links of your band playing music, live, studio, whatever, and get feedback and new viewers/listeners.

Have at it.
It is the point, but as far as i've seen, it's highly innefficient. I opened this forum in hopes of getting many people simply showing their bands off, introducing myself and many other ultimate-guitar.com goers to new music.
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I'm in a band called Convex from Cornwall, UK. We're a mix of rock and grungy kinda stuff, influenced by The Foo Fighters, Nirvana and Queens Of The Stone Age.

Our first real gig was last night and it went so well. We're hoping to get new recordings done soon and organise a load of gigs.

Please check us out on;
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Frequency Void - Progressive, Ambient, Metal - IRELAND

Been working on this project for several years, only spending time recording it in recent months. Check it out on the following pages:

DARK_MATTER, Instrumental Post-Metal from Ireland

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Love hearing all the various genres! I've listened to all of them, you're all obviously great musicians.
I eat bananas vigorously


To the pit because i don't feel like doing real life.
My alt-rock (folk/jazz/funk/country -influenced) band's first demo...


Hoping to start gigging soon.

I'd really like to hear people's thoughts if you have time to listen and comment.

Basically the singer-guitarist had all these songs in his head and just wanted to record them for posterity so the drummer and myself (usually lead guitar but bass in this band) stepped up to help him record them.

After a few rehearsals we were enjoying ourselves so much we decided to call it a "band".

A few months later I traded in my pride-and-joy Gibson Les Paul Studio, along with a Marshall 4x12 cab and some pedals for a Carvin 1kW bass rig.

All songs recorded in the bar area of a disused hotel and mixed in my dining room.
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Sufficiently Plump, this was a two man project that me and a friend put together and it stemmed from a very elaborate inside joke which we ended up making into a rock opera
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