I'm looking into buying the Epi sheraton 2 but I'm worried it may not do well for some of the music I play. I play alot of stuff like silver sun pickups/The white stripes (my fav band of all time)/switchfoot and some punk like green day and even some blues like hubert sumlin/bb king/clapton and I know the sheraton will do great with that stuff BUT I also play some harder rock like some drop D stuff like Underoath and Seether/Spoken will it just sound horrible playing that stuff or will it handle it decently? My band plays stuff like silversun pickups live so I think it Should work for me in my band but wanted to get you guys thoughts
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Meh. Looks like an SE to me.
Well, thanks for confirming you know absolutely nothing about PRS guitars.
it would handle seether and spoken well, im not sure how it would deal with Underoath, but for everything else you listed it would be great
it would be fine for everything but the heavier stuff there. the pickups may be a little weak for the higher gain stuff, but the biggest problem will be feedback. though semi-hollows are certainly more manageable that a hollow, they are still prone to feedback which is made worse by higher gain settings on amps. if however, you favor less distortion in your heavy tones, it should be just fine
You can play hardcore on a semi-hollow. Steve Pedulla of Thursday plays one.

If you turn up the gain on a Sheraton it just sounds like a Les Paul.
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I play pretty much the same stuff and its perfect for it
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