Hi, the time has come to replace my flextone 3 amp. I've been looking at a Laney GH50L single channel amp however I have a couple of concerns about it's performance. It's a single channel amp with a footswitchable extra gain stage, however I've read the extra gain stage ads substantial unwanted volume as well as overdrive. I was just wondering if anyone could have alook at a quick diagram I drew up could solve this problem? Basically my idea is to cut some volume in the effects loop whenever the gain stage is engaged.

Also, by using a DPDT switch as shown, I could incorporate the whole switching action in just one switch.

Anyone have any ideas if this is plausible? I'm not too sure if cutting the signal in the fx loop will cause a reduction in volume to combat the increse in volume of the extra gain stage or whether it will just drive the extra gain stage less, so I won't infact see any extra gai from the amp.

Any help is much appreciated!

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