hello it's me again, I'd like to show you good people my song based on the Holocaust, it doesn't support Nazis nor does it support Semitics, it's just a point in history that has inspired me.


Enjoy And please leave a comment, subscribe to my YouTube Chanel if you will, I have a website too for Hélvêtë but it is currently under maintenance and it needs improvements. For those who have been keeping up with my posts, Hélvêtë is something of my own genre, I call it Erotic Black Psychedelic (EBP), Erotic, because it deals with many forms of romanticism and erotica, although black psychedelic is a mixture of black metal themes and dark ambient, so initially it's Experimental music.
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Thank you, thing is I am aware that the music is good for what it is, just getting out to let ppl know about it is a bitch haha.