That's right! New pickup pickup pedal pedal day! (Yes, the rules say amps, cabs, and pedals. I figured since this will all be the same thread it'll be ok to show off my new pups though!)

Title explanation: My Digitech RP255 multi-fx pedal stopped working and it's on a replacement plan so I sent it in and will get a check for even more stuff soon! (not buying the same thing, probably gonna get more pedals) Until then, I decided to get a revamp of my current gear!

First off... distortion? I need that.... But wat do? Well the Big Muff seems to be good... But after some listening it doesn't sound too good to my ears... Too experimental sounding... Hmmm... Metal Muff? It's black! (like everything I own) It has a funny name! And wow! It sounds great! New cost: $80. GC used price: $45 plus shipping. RIGHT ON THAT MOFO!

(if that doesn't work because it won't for me, tell me how to fix it or right click>open image in new tab)

Wow. After hearing it in so many videos it sounds pretty awesome in person! Those videos sound like getting raped in the ear by a duck (look up how big their dongs are and you'll understand)! This pedal is amazing! It can make harmonics that aren't even there! It can pull off any sound from Dethklok to Lynyrd Skynyrd! (or turned off for cleans!) Sounds can range from overdrive to some of the ballsiest distortion heard. Surprisingly it came with the power adapter so no batteries are required for it while there's a plug nearby. The top boost obviously boosts the high end. It actually sounds great for soloing (but even without it on, this pedal would get a great soloing tone).

Hopefully that review is thorough enough, if not I'll add whatever people want to know. (clips are annoying to get because I have no good recording equipment and the soundcard on my laptop is messed up).

Next post should I show off one of the pickups or my other pedal? It's up to you!
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first things first, here's the pic you wanted to show

second of all, never liked the metalmuff, hence why i bought a little big muff.

and yes, show us moar stuffs xD

HappyNewStuffDay =]
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Quote by Dempsey68
first things first, here's the pic you wanted to show

second of all, never liked the metalmuff, hence why i bought a little big muff.

and yes, show us moar stuffs xD

HappyNewStuffDay =]

How'd you get that to show? Thanks dude!

And opposite for me, didn't like the little big muff much but metal muff sounded great to me.
used the insert picture thing.

1. right click on the picture
2. depending on what browser you use, copy the picture URL
3. click on "insert picture" thing on UG
4. paste picture URL in box
5. type what you wanna post
6. click submit
Belief is a beautiful armour but makes for the heaviest sword.
Well pickups now. I'll show off my other pedal in the next post.

What you need to understand about me and my Les Paul: it was pretty much the guitar I learned on, grew up with (had it for about 5 or 6 years now, it was my first GREAT guitar and my Grandpa bought it for me). It has a strong sentimental attachment with me.

Lately the neck pickup sounded a bit boring, so I decided it was time for a change. After a lot of research I decided a P90 was my best bet. It's a GFS Mean 90, which I know I get hate for, butting a GFS pup in a Gibson, but lay off. It's mine and it sounds good. Here's the pic of it:

If you look closely... you can see I need to brush my hair... But for the actual pickup, it sounds great. Can pull of great cleans (sounds almost like an acoustic when the tone pot is used, can get jangly or warmer). This thing handles crunch and overdrive REALLY nicely. Metal? Not a problem. Punk? Sounds like it was made for it. Country? It's a P0! Of course it can do it! This thing is a neat sounding magnet.

Now for tragedy: after switching to the P90 my bridge pup stopped working. After extensive research and testing it turned out my bridge pup was just dead, not even working straight into an output jack (I at least expected it to work, even if it didn't sound great). The only sound that would cum out of it would be a really loud buzz if the hot and ground touched. New pickups are expensive, but this guitar is my favorite. I like it more than I like most people. It needed a new pickup and needed one now. Luckily my local GC had something in stock that's just what I wanted...

Oh, you aren't a total expert? Well it has hexscrews so it's a Dimarzio. To make it easy on you, it's a Super Distortion! I listened to every sound sample available this morning and decided this is right for what I play. Cleans: with tone on 10 it sounds bright, think old surf music. Dick Dale. Almost single coil sounding. Roll it back, it takes some treble off and it sounds great. Once again, it can sound almost acoustic, but distorted this thing is absolutely amazing for soloing. Rhythm can do a nice chugchugchug but soloing is where this shiiiiines!

This is a perfect guitar right now. The P90 can do anything acoustic to Black Sabbath, and the Super Distortion can do the rest. Just cause it's perfect though, doesn't mean I won't further upgrade it in the future! Savor my Les Paul! Yes it's a Gibson, it's one of the Specials from a few years back. It's perfect for me. Short scale for sausage fingers, and a great sized neck. The pickups in it are amazing for now too!

New pedal post #2 when I'm done messing around and feel like typing again, stay tuned!

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I don't need a new amp yet. My Vypyr is far from the best amp out there, but I'll be having a high paying job over the summer so I can upgrade to nice expensive amp, I'm just doing what I can for now to make everything sound good and will still be useful for a better amp.
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Since no ones commenting, I'll just double post and introduce my other new pedal.

A few days ago (Wednesday?) I remembered the local pawn shop had a full rack of Danelectro pedals. Reading on UG that these were great, especially for the price I decided to go get the chorus one. Unfortunately, it was already sold, but I managed to snag something else...

PB&J Delay! It sounds great. Went to Best Buy later that day and they were selling them for $60. Makes me glad that this one cost a mere $15!!! There's not much to say about it except it's an exceptional delay pedal, very adjustable and user friendly. Most people would put it in a metal encasing, but the one that's on it works just fine. At first I hated the colour of it but, it's grown on me.

If anyone has any questions about anything, ask. I'll be getting a much better amp over the summer and most likely some more pedals until then! This has been a truly happy NPUPUPPD for me!
Mmmmm..... Dimarzio Super distortion
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I like my metal muff, I use it more as a OD tbf rather than a distortion. With the EMG's a distortion and the Tiny Terror though which is known for fizz, it can have that fizz on higher tunings. Lower down it rips your face off.
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