Hey guys I'm trying to decide on a new guitar. My budget is around $600-700 max and right now I only own an Epi LP Standard. I play different styles so I'm looking for a versatile guitar. I play classic rock, jazz, modern rock (again a wide variety, bands like RHCP, Incubus, The Mars Volta, etc.), some post-hardcore like The Fall of Troy and Dance Gavin Dance, and a bit of metal.

My LP handles most of that pretty well, but I really want to go for a guitar with a thinner and faster neck so I can venture more into shredding. This probably screams Ibanez, and I've been looking at some of their S-series guitars. I've also been looking at a PRS SE Custom 24 (http://www.prsguitars.com/secustom24/) and a Schecter C1 (http://www.schecterguitars.com/Products/Guitar/C-1-Standard.aspx).

So basically I'm looking for a somewhat 'metal' guitar, but yes looks do matter to me and I'm not interested in buying any pointy-shaped jacksons, Ibanez RGs, or anything of that sort. So I'm pretty picky, but I'm open to any suggestions! Thanks!
You could try an LTD EC. they are vaguely les-paulish, I think the necks are thinner and shreddier, I haven't played one, but I know some guys who do, and they seem to like em.

EDIT: Also, Epi has a les paul called the prophecy GX which has a thinner matte finish neck and hot pickups. they also do one called the EX which is basically the same, but with EMG's.
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