Okay, so, I've been looking at twelve-string acoustics lately. I've heard that they have an absolutely beautiful sound and I am going to go out and try one this weekend.

I'm not looking to spend more than $300 on this guitar, but from what I can see, I might be spending anywhere from $450 - $700. I'm looking for a black, cut-away, twelve string. Something similar to this:
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Does anyone have any opinions on a good brand to buy?

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
in australia we have a budget brand called ashton,190 bucks,surely in usa u can get a decent 1 for under 300.
You're probably not going to find a great one for that price. That being said, think rationally about how much you're actually going to use it. It's cool for chords and stuff, but it depends on your play style. I play a lot of metal and stuff, and even on acoustic I often end up playing fast melodic picking stuff. I find that sometimes if I'm doing something in the G or D string area, I'm loving the power of a 12 string but at the same time hating getting that piercing high octave from the .08 G string, and just switch back to my regular 6 string. I have a taylor 354. Let's just say that, coupled with being left handed, was NOT cheap. I'd say I use it about 5% of my acoustic time, but if I want to entertain some friends with an old CCR rendition or something and want to be really loud, it's pretty damn cool.

I know I'm making assumptions here about your savvy as a buyer, I'm really just trying to tell you to make an educated purchase. I probably shouldn't have bought mine, but maybe you're different.
this is the guitar you show a pic of
it's all laminate, definitely entry level, which is what i'd expect for this price. also ibanez aren't the best sounding guitars overall.

i went to mf and while there are a few okay 12 strings iyour price range, adding black and a cutaway (which means electronics) to the mix means that you aren't going to be able to find many options, and the few i see aren't going to sound as beautiful as a guitar with a solid top, quality hardware and better build quality.

if you can live without black, this yamaha
has a solid top, plus the many yamahas of all sorts i've seen are nice tonewise when it comes to entry level instruments.
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Wow. That's pretty informative, man. And I didn't plan on sticking to one store. In Vincennes (closest town worth visiting) there's like 3 music stores and I plan to hit them all. Also, I'm really liking the rainbow on your bass.

Damn. Taylor guitars are up there. But I'll bet it's one of the best sounds you've gotten.

That Yamaha looks pretty good. And thanks for explaining about a solid top. I'm still fairly new to guitars but I really love to play.
Twelve-strings are very nice, but they must be made to withstand the stress of all those strings. Cheap ones tend to go South fairly rapidly.
I would not advise the used market considering your inexperience; the used-guitar buyer needs to know what he's looking for.
Do some research. Read up on the reviews on guitars in your approximate price range and see what folks think of them. Save your money....
Ovations are great guitars, 12 strings especially so. My 12'ver plays easier than most acoustic 6 strings.
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@ Everyone, generally speaking

I wouldn't mind going for that Budget brand called Ashton. I'm actually just looking for something to give me an idea of what I really want. I'm going to go to Vincennes (closest place with a music store. They have 3 actually =D) this weekend and try out a few guitars.
I'm not fond of DJ Ashba's work but to each his own.

Keep in mind, Ovations sound great plugged in. Unplugged, the back is designed to project the sound forward to your audience, but to the player it can sound thin. Other wise, they are the easiest playing acoustic you will find, 6 or 12 string.
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