Looking at buying an RG7*20 soon, but the guitars have a Floyd Rose. Now, if i blocked it, would it be similar to just re-stringing a hardtail TOM-like bridge?
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no, you'll still have to cut the ball ends off and mass about with it that way.
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You do have to cut off the ball ends, but that's nothing special. You always have to cut slack off one end of the string for any guitar so cutting an inch off the other end as well is no big deal. Once the strings are locked in the saddles it's all the same. The main problem with stringing recessed Floyds is the tuning, because the more you tune one string up the more the others go flat. With a blocked Floyd that doesn't happen. You will still have to lock the nut and finish tuning using the Floyd's fine tuners but that's no hassle.
You can string with the ball end at the tuners too, that makes it easier. You set the tuners so the hole points towards the bridge, put the string through (away from the body) and then pull it back down to the bridge. Cut it at the fine tuner and then lock it into the saddle.

With a blocked FR tuning will be easier.