what guitar does the guitarist from the Phish use?, cause it looks like he uses hollowbodys but still uses gain, which i hear results in feedback
he uses a paul langudoc custom. the guy used to be a techfor him and now makes custom order hollow bodies. aparently, at a university of berkely show try announced that paul made him a special guitar out of a magnificent peice of wood he had been saving over the years.

hollow bodies can use a decent amount of gain, but not a ludacris amount. look at ted nugent and geroge thorogood. they all played classis/hard rock with decent gain. its when you really push them. and if you were playing close to the amp that also would make it feedback.


Wikipedia says 'Lagunedoc Guitars'. Get to the googles.
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You can have all the distortion you want with a hollowbody, if you've got the skill to control it. If you don't believe me, check out Nirvana's cover of "The Man Who Sold the World." It's not metal distortion, but on the other hand it's not even an electric guitar. The feedback thing isn't microphonic or resonant, it's the same feedback you get from a solid-body guitar, there's just more of it--which means you can mute it the same way.

Incidentally, "gain" means "increase in volume or power." Every electric guitarist uses gain. Everybody who uses an amplifier, including a PA system, is using gain. You're talking about distortion.
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