Never thought I'd have to make a topic about that but I'm starting to feel really stupid. I'm putting a medium set of Elixers (13s) on my taylor 310, and I've tried three separate .26 G strings, and all snap at about a half step below G. Now I've had this guitar for at least seven years, and change strings all the time. My dad bought me these strings a while ago, and i usually use a lighter set, usually like 12s and i'm pretty sure the G is usually a 23. I'm pissed though because obviously that makes no sense, I should be able to put medium gauge strings on any acoustic without them snapping, and I'm pretty sure somewhere along the line I've put a 26 G on this guitar. All the other strings have mucho tension as well. I really don't want to stroll into a shop just to feel like an idiot for a dumb oversight, so I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for me. I've tried using different pins. I thought about the saddle since it's developed notches from the strings, but I wouldn't think that would be enough to make a difference. Other than my neck warping from changing tunings often, which again I wouldn't expect to happen at all, I'm out of ideas. Can't play in Eb standard with a first fret capo for the rest of my life.
i've seen a number of threads on agf about elixers and breaking G strings.
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Yeah, something about the G on Elixir/Taylors is weird. I occasionally had the same problem when I used mediums. I've switched to lights in the last year and haven't broken one like that since but that's probably not the best solution.
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Ok cool well you guys definitely gave me some reassurance, I would try lighter gauge strings but I'm out of town right now so I'll pick some up when I get back. I think I'm gonna bring it to the shop anyway, as I said it's definitely time for a new saddle and I'm noticing my pins have chipped a bit, maybe I'll just have them look the whole thing over anyway, couldn't hurt. Thanks guys.