I recently bought a brand new M13 and three of the footswitches were broken before I'd so much as plugged it in. It's definitely a mechanical failure, there's no clicking sound when you press them (the others all have an audible click to them).

Does the Line 6 M series have dodgy footswitches? I'm just wondering because I don't want to return this one and get another one, only to have the footswitches stop working in the middle of a show a month later.
Well, Metallica uses them, at least they did for the St Anger rehearsals. But then again, they can afford to have backups, so I guess I'm not helping much.
the switches are fine, but their construction is a little dodgy. I've heard of people having problems with them. I think if you get a unit that works properly and you take care of it you should be fine. Having to go through that one lemon sucks, but I think you'll be very happy with it once you get a good one.
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I've never had an issue with mine, and this is the first I've heard about anyone having issues with them really. However, I know I've seen at least one guy that does pedal mods that upgrades the switches on them, if you're really worried about it.
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You should probs call L6 or take it back to the store....