We're putting together a covers band to play everything from The Beatles to modern day stuff.

We’re based in the UK in the New Forest (New Milton / Hythe)

The lineup is currently Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar (these guys have been performing as a duo doing acoustic stuff for a while now), I’m playing drums, and we’re looking for a bass player and a lead guitarist.

We're looking to play a wide range of tracks / styles – and we’re still formalising what stuff we’re going to do. The aim is to play mainly well known songs (because that’s the whole point of doing a covers band), but maybe ones that are not so-often played in pub bands (like Parklife and Beat It). There’s bound to be some ‘old favourites’ in there (like Superstition) – but that’s because people love that stuff.

I sing some backing vocals, and it would be great of others in the band could also add in some backing where appropriate / possible.

Let us know if you think you might be interested. I’m sure we’re open to other suggestions in terms of songs etc, and so any joining members would have an input to the set list and direction of the band. If you want to meet up for a jam sometime then let us know and we’ll try and arrange a time / location to suit all (it would be useful to let us know generally what nights you are free).

Hope to hear from you soon,