As I need to buy (lots) of gear to record a project, I am selling my JEM 10th Anniversary.
It's in excellent condition. I have played it so it has the usual chrome wear and some superficial scratches (see the pics, everything is there). I also added a DiMarzio Cliplock strap. Save from that the guitar is in excellent condition, sounds really great and you can easily have the varnish fixed if you want it to look as new.
It comes with the euro case, without the certificate.

You can see very detailed pics here (please ask if you need additional pics) :

I'm located in France (Paris) and I can ship worldwide. Shipping and insurance costs will be at your charge.
Price : 2900€ (about 4100$ as I'm typing this ad)

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested or if you have any question.
You can mail me at jaimetajem@gmail.com for further info.

Holy shite...that is one sweet looking guitar...bet it plays great as well since it is a JEM. Unfortanetely im a very poor student and can't afford it. But good looking with selling that beauty, even though I think it's a shame you are selling it.
Yes it plays great indeed. Very very nice neck.
Well being a student is pretty difficult. You could always try to seduce a rich old woman!