hey guys,
could anybody let me know how you can test for microphonic pickups???

the guitar picks up the sound from me tapping the pickguard, the pots or like when you turn the pot till the end, it also picks up that click as if there's a huge piezo installed (I aint got no piezos in there). so what is this?

it happens on all the pickups i guess, it picks up all the noises and it seems like they're microphonic or something. how do actually microphonic pickups behave and what causes them to go microphonic? I'm thinking the bridge connection might be cold or may be there's a ground loop but dammit it just appeared out of nowhere

oh and my guitar is 2005 made strat so hmm could the pickups go microphonic that fast? I had it first hand and i dont remember it behaving like this. also all the pickups behave the same way so i guess Grounding is the issue here not microhponics...

Thats just a high gain pickup

Microphonic is a feedback like squeal that is uncontrollable and amazingly loud
And what causes microphonic feedback is the wax between the magnet poles wears away and the poles feedback off of each other
this ^^.

It's easy to test - turn your amp on pretty loud, switch to the pickup in question, and tap the coils lightly with a screwdriver. You'd hear a loud 'gonk' coming from your amp when the screwdriver hits the coil.

Now, hit the same coil with something made of plastic - it should make a sound, but it should be a little different and significantly quieter. If it's not quieter - your pups need to be wax potted again.
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