Greetings all, I've put my Solo Guitar EP up for release at last. It's a bit of Blues, UK Folk and Contemporary guitar picking all jumbled up.

I decided to use a Bandcamp for the download version as it was very straightforward.
If any of you want to listen to the songs ala streaming, head here:
Sean Siegfried Backwoods

The actual CD copies will be available from my website below, from the 30th May.

I'm very grateful to everybody here who was helped me with feedback on my songs, kind words and all sorts of advice on home recording!

Anyway let me know what you all think, as criticism will be invaluable towards the next effort.
Bloody hell mate. That's awesome! I liked Ashill the best if I may say so. The songs are all very good, every one has it's own impact on you. You need to listen to all of the songs to get the feel of the album. Kudos to you my friend

I'd like to see you write a song for electric guitar, that would be kinda nice
And have you considered adding a second guitar? Another acoustic, or an electric. Slide maybe?

All in all, i liked it quite a bit

Oh and I would really really like to hear something a bit more bluesy from you. Just a suggestion.
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Really great stuff man!

I´m a real sucker for this kind of guitar work so I may be a bit baised towards it. Somber yet energetic. It wasn´t as bluesy as I thought it was going to be, but good nonetheless.

I know the worst kind of critiques are the ones where people don´t point out too much that you can change, but I don´t think there´s much you should do. Very crispy album.
thanks a lot buddy! i had to be careful with bass cause there's a lot going on everywhere but now that you mention it it probably could do with a bit more low end.

just listened to your tracks and man i love your style you've got that acoustic sounding insane!! my favourite's 'compelled' - sounds somewhat like andy mckee whom i love so very dearly :p how long you been playing? and what mic/effects (if any) are you using? beautiful man lovely music!!
Thanks for the feedback guys, I really appreciate it.

Promaster - I'm afraid I did sell both my electrics a couple years ago Got too obsessed with the fingerstyle stuff on acoustic! Very interested in doing some good old blues though, will put a couple Blues numbers on the next one. PS. Open D tuning is great for playing around in (DADF#AD)

Matt - Thanks man, been playing since I was 6, so, sheesh, quite a while now! (I'm 25) The mics are both by SE electronics and great for guitar (SE1A and SE2200A). I learnt over time that it's all about careful mic placement and good tone firsthand (I use compound nails on the guitar). The only effect on the pc is a compression preset called "Classical Master".