So, I'm gonna travel to my homeland for the summer via Ryanair, because I'm a poor sod. Anyway, I would like to take two guitars with me, but their policy is that for each guitar, I would need to buy a separate seat and the guitar would rest on that seat for the trip.

So I was thinking of buying one of those double gig bags to screw them over, but it wouldn't be exactly cost efficient (As they start from 30 pounds...I would need to pay 15 pounds for one seat).

As I'm not going to return with the guitars, but I'm going to sell them there, where they are worth significantly more, I was thinking whether I could fit two strats into an acoustic guitar gigbag.

I've heard other people doing something similar, but I'm wondering whether two strats would actually fit into an acoustic guitar gigbag.

Any thoughts?
I have nowhere near two strats, (one ibanez and a B.C. Rich) but I have an enormous gig bag, partially due to the weird shape of the B.C. I tried this once, but the problem is that you should probably put them back to back not to damage anything, and even then it's pretty hazardous to get them over in one piece. Other disadvantage about putting them back to back is that (at least with my bag) it doesn't fit cause the two guitars combined get way to high. I can't get the zippers closed anymore, and as said, it's a pretty big bag for a guitar.

If you can get it to fit I would suggest putting in a lot of clothes or something soft to protect your guitars.
Have you considered just removing the necks and putting them into a regular suitcase?
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Quote by YngwieLi
Have you considered just removing the necks and putting them into a regular suitcase?

This is actually a very very good point. No I haven't. I'm amazed how my thought process is confined to a box.
£15 seems fair and I would just pay it, it seems the easiest thing to do, seeing as Ryan Air flights are already cheap

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The neck bit will be your problem. You may want to cut it and sew in a panel to give it more room. So just get a ratty old one from the Salvos or something.
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Quote by ProphetToJables
£15 seems fair and I would just pay it, it seems the easiest thing to do, seeing as Ryan Air flights are already cheap

True, it's not unreasonably high, but I have no sympathy for ryanair and sticking it in the baggage seems like an awesome idea, as instead of spending £30 on the guitar seats, I could actually get my guitars transported + take about 10kg of extra other stuff with me as well .

Plus, I will be transporting cheapo squiers. I mean, if I had anything better, I would probably invest the £15, but since it's almost half of their price, it makes me look for alternatives.

Sounds good to me.
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I dunno. I understand the danger, but I think the fragility of guitars is a bit overrated, as I've given quite a few guitars quite a beating over the years and they're still alright. I think if it's disassembled to reduce leverage effect and in the middle of clothes, I don't think too much could happen. Plus, my suitcase has kind of a roll-cage kind of construction inside it, so it won't collapse. Would anyone else think this would be okay?
@ being concerned over $45.
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Could you get one of those huge coat bags stuff it with stuffing and get them to slot it in the coat compartments?
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Wouldn't mean putting it in a suitcase that it's gonna be in the baggage area of the plane? Not a place where i'd want my guitar to be.

my idea, i notice my suitcase is all covered by moisture whenever i get it back from the baggage area. imagine a guitar getting wet, wood and water don't match like rum and cola would.