So I'm currently using Audacity (beta aversion) to record stuff, and I'm wondering if there is some kind of real time EQ, so u can play a track and fiddle around on EQ at the same time to hear what's happening?
Because it's quite time consumpting to adjust EQ, listen, adjust again, back and forth basically...

And also, (noob question ).. how to reduce noise? I don't see something like a noisegate in the effects section.
Yeah, seriously. Use REAPER. It has a never-ending free trial with no limitations (only like 5 seconds of waiting time when you open it unless you purchase it) and it is just SO much better than Audacity.

Works with mac and pc.
ok, was expecting to hear that So I guess reaper has a real-time eq then? cause that woulod be really cool

other than that, I was just thinking of a plug-in kinda thing for audacity (or called VST? dunno). Audacity supports VST I read, so I thought I could just use an extern EQ software from somewhere, I'm just not sure whether something like that exists at all, as I haven't found anything on the web.

Might change the horse though in the future if AC is really that bad
an EQ vst plugin will do what you want. if audacity doesnt have one built in, then you can easily download one.

however, as people have said, audacity isnt all that great. it is missing a lot of the features people come to expect in a decent DAW. reaper is a lot better, and comes with at least one EQ vst already, and you can download more.