Not really for 'sail' unless you're in the navy and they allow guitars, in which case it would be, but I digress.

It's a LEFT HANDED Fender american standard stratocaster, 2007 model. I'm it's first and only owner, never took it to gigs as I'm a drummer primarily, so it was just played a bit around the house. Very good condition, has lived in it's lovely hard case when not played.

Images and a longer description on this gumtree link:

I live in hertfordshire, but if you're a londoner I have a friends place we can both go to where theres a cool amp you can try it out on if you like. The trip is kind of pricey for me getting into london though, so only going to bring the strat into london for serious buyers.

Any questions please feel free to ask. I'll try checking this forum but best bet is to reply to that gumtree ad, that way I'll get an email.
for sail? seriously?
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I'll take it! now all I need is a boat...
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