Should just be able to screw or even jam it back on straight away. I don't know if they use glue on teles or anything but you could if you want I guess. I changed the volume/tone knobs on my LP and they weren't glued on, basically just pulled them straight off and then jammed the new ones on (granted it was pretty difficulty cause they were on really f%$#ing tight, but I got there in the end). xD
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It was neither jammed nor screwed. Those two small orange dots in side the knob gave me an idea that it was glued or something. Maybe some tele owner has a clue?
You've taken the knob apart. Must have been forcing it for a while. you should glue the outer casing to the black part. Glue it on the sides, on the blank parts so you don't glue the control itself down. Better yet, pull the black part off and then glue the knob back together away from the guitar, then push it all back on.