Poll: Which guitar is best for metal grunge?
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View poll results: Which guitar is best for metal grunge?
esp ltd ec 1000
5 28%
fender deluxe lonestar
5 28%
schecter c1 classic
3 17%
ibanez destroyer
2 11%
ibanez rg 1451
3 17%
Voters: 18.
Yeah i looking to buy a new guitar and from my other thread best metal/ grunge guitar for £600 i cam,e up with a good list of guitars i just really want your inputs and opinions on which one to get so im gonna put a poll opn with a list of guitars.
I'd say Gibson Explorer.. depends on what kind of metal you're into and how much you like that grunge sound.
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get the Esp Ltd ec-1000 with seymour duncans.
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I'd recommend some kind of HSS strat for the grunge part, but for metal I'd go for Charvel So-Cal.
I'd go with the Fender out of those. I can't imagine anything less grunge than an EC-1000, to be completely honest...o_o
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