So many lives have picked the rose through time
Now I am heading back down that road again and I'm fine
But maybe you could feel this too many times; I feel blind
My eyes my ears my heart my soul and my mind.....

Feel it building up inside
Keep pushing it deeper and help it hide
Feeling everything inside
Losing my faith I am losing my mind

Feeling everything inside
Cutting life on relentless lies
See the truth and pay the price
Lose all faith Now I'm losing my mind

Where is your faith now that your dead
That's what I wanted to know now your laying alone somewhere six feet under the ground
You're all alone now, so won't you tell me again;
Where is your faith

I'll keep on going and I will try
To find my way through this lie
Before life demands I lay down and die
Before I lose all faith
Before I lose all of my mind