Hey guys, so as some of you may know, I'm studying animation and video game design. We're currently working in 3-person teams on a video game as a semester project, and I'm composing the music for ours. The game itself is a light-hearted, funny adventure game where you play as a girl trying to stop her neighbour being so annoying.
I'm not advertising here or anything, just trying to give you an idea what the tone of the game is, because obviously the main theme for a horror or RPG game would be very different

Here it is:


With this theme I was trying to achieve something that I was told quite a while ago by our professor in game design, the fact that many of the old-school 8 and 16 bit games had great music because their themes were easy enough to hum or whistle to yourself. They were catchy, simple and expressive, and that's what I'm trying to go for with mine, too. Opinions?

C4C as always
oh wow :O that is fantastic !!!!

That honestly reminds me of the good old music haha around 20ish seconds dont know why it reminded me of sonic incredibly catchy i honestly cant find a flaw in this at all 10/10. i listened to your other music aswell and its all really good.

if u have any time could u review any of my songs please ? http://www.youtube.com/user/asakura111?feature=mhee
deep blue is the best i think but a review from u would mean alot
I that was great! I love it. It really fits into the theme you described, and I personally love that kind of music in such a game. I know it's only a sample but I wish it was long xD Good job though!