I'm gonna be playing a couple of songs live on a local radio station as a two piece acoustic band, i was wondering if anyone had some advice or if theres any special equipment i should take besides my guitar.
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no but seriously your guitar should be enough as long as you both show. the radio station most likely has the mics and equipment required for you to plya, but I guess you could be on the safe side and call the person that scheduled this gig fo ryou and find out if you need anything else.

on a side note, bring the things you would normally for anyother gig like a tuner, extra strings, plenty of picks, and a backup guitar, since you could have all the same problems you normally would at any other gig. good luck!
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Nope. Not unless you need any special equipment to achieve a certain sound.

What will happen is you will go into their control room and probably chat for a bit. Then they'll have - probably at most - two mics that they'll have set up to capture the sound in the room. They'll probably go to a commercial or play a song while you position yourself in the studio, and when they come back to air, they'll introduce you and you'll let it fly.

What will be broadcast will be the sound in the room - for better or for worse.

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